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HDMI series

Dive into the world of audio-visual excellence with the versatile HDMI Series, where cutting-edge technology meets seamless connectivity. Explore a range of high-quality HDMI connectors designed for efficient HDMI cable integration in various applications.
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HDMI series

Product introduction

The HDMI was proposed in 2002, has now developed to the HDMI 2.1 standard With the developed of the industry, the HDMI2.1 standard has been able to support 4K 120hZ and 8K 60Hz, support high dynamic range imaging (HDR), and can be optimized for scenes or frames, backward compatible with HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4 The main thing is that it transfers video and audio at the same time

Nowadays, many monitors speakers can transmit images and sounds at the same time with an HDMI cable, it is also a major advantage of HDMI Because of this, HDMI has become the most normal interface for monitors There are several types of HDMI on the physical interface, there are mainly standard HDMI, MINI HDMI, and Micro HDMI For long distance HDMI cables, if the cables are hard, try to use them on devise with standard HDMI interface to get a stable connection MINI HDMI and Micro HDMI are more suitable for the use of small devices

In 2018, the HDMI Association proposed the HDMI 2.1 standard At present, the bandwidth of HDMI 2.0b is 18Gbps, and HDMI 2.1 is increased to 48Gbps It can fully support lossless video with resolutions and refresh rates such as 4K/120Hz, 8K/60Hz, and 10K, and at the same time support high dynamic video HDR technology, this new standard uses a new ultra high speed data cable (Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable)


Product specification

Specification of main technical indicators

Operating temperature range: - 25 ℃~85 ℃

Rated load: AC40V, 0.5A

Contact resistance: ≤ 30 Milliohms Max

Insulation resistance: 100 Megaohms Min. (unmated)

Dielectric strength: AC 500V (unmated)

Insertion force Mating/Unmating force: Mating force: 4.5kgf Max

Unmating force:1.0-4.0kgf

Durability: 10000 cycles at 100 ± 50 cycles per hour

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