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USB TYPE C REC 2ROWS R/A Double row SMT L=1.10MM, CH=3.4MM/Unflanged, Housing DIP=1.85MM


Experience seamless connectivity with the USB Type C Receptacle, featuring a 2-rows right-angle SMT design with a length of 1.10mm. This unflanged connector, with a housing DIP of 1.85mm, ensures efficient integration for your electronic applications. Elevate your projects with the precision and reliability of this USB Type C solution.

USB TYPE C REC 2ROWS R/A Double row SMT L=1.10MM, CH=3.4MM/U....pdf

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USB TYPE C REC 2ROWS R/A Double row SMT L=1.10MM, CH=3.4MM/Unflanged, Housing DIP=1.85MM

Product introduction

USB TYPE-C is a standard connector with a smaller volume than TYPE-A and TYPE-B, which can be applied to both PC (master device) and external device (slave device, such as mobile phone) interface types. The USB TYPE-C has 4 pairs of TX/RX splitters, 2 pairs of USB D+/D -, 1 pair of SBU, 2 CCs, as well as 4 VBUS and 4 ground wires.

The USB TYPE-C interface has the following characteristics:

1. Ultra thin, old-fashioned USB port length 14mm * 6.5mm, while USB-C only has 8.4mm * 2.6mm

2. No distinction between front and back, just like the Lightning interface, there will be no problems with both front and back insertion, and the lifespan can reach 10000 times

3. Fast transmission speed, with a maximum transmission rate of 10Gb/s on the USB-C port

4. Bidirectional transmission, the power transmission of USB-C port is bidirectional, with two transmission power modes

5. The standard specification wire equipped with TYPE-C connector can pass 5A current and also supports USB power supply capabilities beyond what is currently available; USB PD;, Can provide up to 100W of electricity.

Product specification


额定负荷Rated Load250V,3A

接触阻抗Contact Resistance:≤40   Milliohms Max.

绝缘电阻Insulation Resistance100   Megaohms Min.

耐电压Dielectric Strength100V

插拔力Mating/Unmating forceMating   force5-20N

                             Unmating force8-20N

寿命Durability10000 cycles

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