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     Guangdong XianHe Technology Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. It is an array of a working business division with independent  research and development, mold design, injection molding, stamping, production and sales of connectors. The company is rapidly getting well known in the connector industry, currently employs more than 1000 people working in harmony with excellent technical knowledge and efficient sales channel. It is united with the core business philosophy: “Sustainable management, quality first scientific management, dedicated service” to provide customers with high quality, efficient, safe and reliable products and services. And altogether face the future with full confidence for great opportunities and challenges, willingness to work with the community for a better tomorrow.

Ruiheng Huatai Electromechanical
  • 26y

    26years of experience in professional connectors industry
  • 1000+

    More than 1,000 excellent employees
  • 30+

    Products exported to more than30 countries
  • 1300+

    Served more than 1300 customers
Xian He· Product Center All the equipment you want is here
D-SUB connectors come in various models, options, and accessories, making them a very cost-effec......
DP (Display Port) is the competitor of HDMI On some graphics cards and monitors, there are both ......
Discover reliability with the DP 9PIN Plug-in Female Head featuring an innovative open harpoon l......
Experience excellence with the DP 37PIN Plug-in Female Head featuring a front rivet and solid co......
Discover innovation with the DP 37PIN Plug-in Female Head, featuring a rivetless design for seam......
Experience secure connectivity with the DP 9PIN Plug-in Male Head, featuring a rear rivet and op......
Explore reliability with the DP 37PIN Plug-in Male Head featuring a rear rivet and open harpoon ......
Four advantagesBring you all-round protection Focus on every detail just because we understand your needs better
  • Technical advantages Technical advantages

    R&D team: there are 80 people, including 30 R&D engineers, 50 automation design, fixture design, and electrical control engineers, and there are acknowledgement and sample production personnel, with a relatively complete organizational structure; Development capability: the new product is launched ≥ 4 models/month, and the project cycle is ≤ 40 days.
    Technical advantages
  • Product advantage Product advantage

    Product advantages: Dongguan Xianhe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a connector production and sales enterprise integrating independent research and development, mold design, injection molding, stamping and assembly Become a member of the USB-IF Association, USB 3.0 series products have obtained the USB-IF TID certification, the Hon Hai U3 patent authorization, UL certification/HDMI Association membership, and ISO9001/ISO 14000/IATF16949/intellectual property management system certification Product type: HDMI/USB 2.0&3.0/Type-C/DVI/D-SUB/RJ45/DISPLAYPORT/Card reader
    Product advantage
  • Market Advantage Market Advantage

    The company has a complete range of products, invests heavily in automated production workshops, has a competitive advantage in unit price compared with that of the same industry, has a complete allocation of R&D, quality and technical personnel, and has full-time personnel to contact with customers, and achieves 100% satisfaction in delivery.
    Market Advantage
  • Service Advantages Service Advantages

    Patents: There are 218 patents in total, including 6 invention patents, 192 utility model patents and 20 appearance patents; Xianhe is a member of USB-IF and HDDMI Association, and the relevant USB, HMDI and TYPE-C connector products have obtained TID certification; At the same time, some products have also obtained UL certification and are HDMI standard adopters.
    Service Advantages
Prominent Technology Group Sustainable operation, quality first, scientific management, and dedicated service to customers
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Guangdong Xianhe Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a large private connector enterprise, which develops, produces and sells various connection equipment
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